Best Gymnastics Gyms in USA in 2024

By Gym Informer Team  | 15 Mar 2024


Here is the list of best 10 gymnastics gyms in United States in 2024.

Gymnastics is a sport that requires immense dedication, skill, and passion. From the grace of the uneven bars to the power of the vault, it’s a discipline that demands both physical and mental strength.

Looking to launch yourself (or your child) into the exciting world of gymnastics? Whether you’re aiming for recreational fun or aspiring for Olympic heights, the right gym is crucial.

In this page we list the top gymnastics gyms in the USA, recognized for their expertise, facilities, and commitment to fostering a love for the sport.

1. North Stars Gymnastics Academy (New Jersey)

North Stars Gymnastics Academy in New Jersey is a reputable gymnastics training center located in Boonton, Morris County. Here are some compelling reasons to join this prestigious academy:

Strong Track Record: They have a history of success, with gymnasts qualifying for national competitions. This indicates skilled coaching and a program that can help you reach your potential.

Programs for All Levels: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gymnast, North Stars offers classes suited to your skill level. This ensures you get the right challenge and focus on developing your abilities.

Positive and Safe Environment: North Stars prioritizes safety and a nurturing atmosphere. This is important for building confidence and enjoying the learning process.

Location: Boonton, NJ

North Stars Gymnastics Academy

2. Legacy Elite Gymnastics (Illinois)

Legacy Elite Gymnastics in Illinois is a premier gymnastics facility that offers exceptional training opportunities for gymnasts of all ages and skill levels. Here why you might consider joining Legacy Elite Gymnastics:

Experienced Staff: Legacy Elite is known for its skilled coaching staff who can help gymnasts of all levels reach their full potential.

Competitive Focus: If you’re aiming for competition, Legacy Elite offers programs designed to prepare athletes for success. Their focus on competitive training could be ideal for aspiring gymnasts.

Positive and Safe Environment:

  • Nurturing Atmosphere: While competitive, Legacy Elite prioritizes a safe and supportive environment. This is crucial for building confidence and fostering a love for the sport.
  • Focus on Development: Legacy Elite may go beyond pure physical skills. They might emphasize qualities like sportsmanship, dedication, and perseverance, which are valuable life skills.

Location: Aurora, IL

3. Gymcats (Nevada)

Gymcats in Nevada is a renowned gymnastics academy that provides a top-notch training environment for aspiring gymnasts of all ages and skill levels.

Here’s why you might consider joining Gymcats:

Exceptional Training and Friendly Atmosphere:

  • Proven Results: Gymcats is recognized for its excellent training programs that produce skilled gymnasts. This suggests strong coaching and a focus on helping you reach your gymnastics potential.
  • Fun and Welcoming: Gymcats is known for its friendly atmosphere. This could be a great fit if you’re looking for a supportive and encouraging environment to learn and enjoy gymnastics.
  • Focus on All Levels: Gymcats offers programs for a variety of ages and skill levels, including adults. This means you can find a class that suits your experience, whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced gymnast.

Location: Henderson, NV

4. American Twisters (Florida)

American Twisters is a premier gymnastics facility that has gained a reputation for nurturing and developing top-tier gymnasts. Here’s why you might consider joining American Twisters:

Elite Reputation: American Twisters is known for producing successful athletes, some reaching national and even international levels. This suggests highly qualified coaches and a program designed to develop top-notch gymnasts.

Competitive Focus: If you have serious ambitions of competing in gymnastics, American Twisters might be a great fit. Their focus on training elite athletes could provide the necessary challenge and guidance.

Competitive Programs: If you’re aiming for competition and have serious aspirations, American Twisters offers programs designed to help you reach your full potential. Their focus on competitive training could be ideal for dedicated athletes.

Location: Coconut Creek, FL

American Twisters

5. All Olympia Gymnastics Center (California)

All Olympia Gymnastics Center is a world-renowned facility that offers exceptional training opportunities for aspiring gymnasts. Here why you might consider joining All Olympia Gymnastics Center:

Focus on Technique and Innovation:

  • Renowned Approach: All Olympia is known for its innovative training methods that emphasize proper technique. This can lead to faster progress, fewer injuries, and a more solid foundation for gymnastics skills.
  • Experienced Coaches: Their focus on technique likely suggests a team of qualified coaches who prioritize proper form and safety.

Location: Calabasas, CA

All Olympia Gymnastics Center

6. The Great American Gymnastics Express

The Great American Gymnastics Express (G.A.G.E.) is a prestigious gymnastics facility that offers a comprehensive training environment for aspiring gymnasts of all ages.

Strong Track Record and Positive Focus:

  • History of Success: GAGE boasts a list of accomplished alumni, including Olympians and national champions. This suggests a strong coaching staff and a program that can help you reach your full potential.
  • Love for the Sport: GAGE goes beyond just training champions. They emphasize fostering a love for gymnastics and building well-rounded athletes. This creates a positive and supportive environment for learning and development.

Location: Blue Springs, MO 

7. Chow's Gymnastics and Dance Institute (Iowa)

To join Chow’s Gymnastics and Dance Institute in Iowa, individuals can benefit from a facility that offers a range of programs for both girls and boys aged 3 to 14. The institute provides an exciting learning environment with fun activities. The facility boasts a team of staff who are responsible, reliable, and friendly, with backgrounds in gymnastics or cheerleading.

Chow’s Gymnastics offers part-time coaching positions with competitive pay, flexible working hours, and staff training. Additionally, the institute has a convenient location, a friendly working environment, and provides a great working experience for those interested in gymnastics or cheerleading

Location: West Des Moines, IA

8. Cincinnati Gymnastics (Ohio)

Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy offers a comprehensive gymnastics program for children, focusing on skill development, confidence, coordination, flexibility, and strength. Here is why you might consider joining Cincinnati Gymnastics:

National and Olympic Success: Cincinnati Gymnastics boasts a record of training gymnasts who have competed at national and even Olympic levels. This suggests a coaching staff with the experience and expertise to help you reach your potential, regardless of your goals.

Programs for All: They likely offer classes for a variety of age groups and abilities, making it a good option for beginners or recreational gymnasts as well.

Location: Fairfield, OH

Cincinnati Gymnastics

9. Metroplex Gymnastics (Texas)

Metroplex Gymnastics offers a positive training environment for kids, a great facility for upper-level gymnastics, and has dedicated staff members according to employee reviews.

The facility provides a conducive space for gymnastics training and development, making it an attractive option for those looking to engage in gymnastics activities.

Location: Allen, TX

10. East Valley Gymnastics (Arizona)

East Valley Gymnastics is a popular choice for those seeking gymnastics training due to the comprehensive range of programs and facilities they provide.

Reasons to Join:

  • Focus on All Levels: East Valley Gymnastics likely offers programs for a variety of age groups and skill levels. This means it can be a good fit for both beginners who are just starting out and for more experienced gymnasts looking to refine their skills.
  • Recreational or Competitive: They might offer classes for both recreational gymnasts who want to learn and have fun, and competitive athletes who are aiming to excel in the sport. This allows you to choose a program that aligns with your goals.
  • Positive and Supportive Environment: Finding a gym with a positive atmosphere is important. East Valley Gymnastics might prioritize creating a safe and encouraging space where you feel comfortable learning and growing.

Location: Arizona

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